The New Life Evangelical Baptist Church is proudly affiliated with the New Life Food Pantry and the Turning Point Clinic

Ask about our affiliated non-profit food pantry and substance abuse clinic partners in Baltimore, MD

Reverend Williams and members of the New Life Evangelical Baptist Church helped found both the Turning Point Clinic and the New Life Food Pantry which are nonprofit organizations based in East Baltimore.

If you are an opioid abuse victim, Turning Point Clinic, a non-profit substance abuse clinic, warmly welcomes you for treatment, where both suboxone and methadone are offered. The New Life Food Pantry, a non-profit food panty, feeds Turning Point's clients hot meals twice daily; distributes boxes of food to Department of Social Services clients; handles food requests referred by the city's 311 program, Manna House, and the United Way; and provides groceries to needy members of the community, including seniors.

We believe in serving those in need, just as Jesus served us. Trust us to nourish your body and your soul.